Eden 1:4

EdenEden sat at her desk and tried to concentrate on a Socratic dialog she had been assigned for the next day.  The library had closed half an hour ago and she had still not heard Gertrude come home.

Gertrude’s room was next to Eden’s and last year, they had studied together more often than not in the evenings.  But tonight the half hour became an hour and more before Eden grew too tired to sit up any longer.  She extinguished her lamp and went to bed in her clothes.  But she did not sleep and within another quarter of an hour she heard a step in the hall and the door nearest hers opening.

She imagined Gertrude taking down her hair, undressing herself with effort—usually she asked Eden’s or another girl’s help with her corset laces—pulling on her nightdress and pushing the button that would extinguish the electric light by her bed.

Eden knew it was late, but wished Gertrude had knocked at her door and said goodnight.  It would be hours yet, before Eden could knock on Gertrude’s and wish her a good morning.

She sat up, lit the lamp by her bed and picked up Plato again.



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