Eden 8:3

Eden“Sophia,” Eden whispered, cornering the girl by a quiet shelf in the library where she had known she would find her on a cloudy October Saturday.

Sophia looked up from the book she was leafing through, smiled at Eden and mouthed a silent “hello.”

“Can I talk to you?”

SophiaThe girl nodded, replaced her book on the shelf and followed Eden outside and down the front steps of the building.

“What is it?” Sophia asked.

Eden stopped and pulled a book out of the valise she carried.

“Please don’t tell anyone…” Eden began. Sophia took the book and inspected it, lines of curiosity forming on her forehead as she did.

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, the cover read.

“Who would I tell?” Sophia said with a little blush and a tone of strained cheer.  She could see that Eden was embarrassed. “What shall I do with it?”

“Read it.  And tell me what you think—from a medical point of view, I mean,” Eden added hastily.

“Medical?” Sophia frowned. “I’m not a doctor yet…not even close!”

But Eden just looked at the ground between them. “I know, but you’re closer than anyone else I know—anyone I could ask about this, anyway. Please?”

“Oh, certainly Eden, I didn’t mean I wouldn’t read it. I just don’t know what it will mean to me. Or what I can tell you…” Eden shifted her weight nervously from foot to foot.

“I’ll read it tonight.  Alright?”

“Tonight?” Eden asked, surprised.  It had taken her over a week to get through the book.

“As much as I can, tonight, the rest tomorrow. We can speak about it Monday if you like.”

Eden nodded.  “Thanks.”

“Are you coming back into the library?”

“No,” Eden said, flipping her watch open to check the time.  “I’ve got to meet Julia Bloom for tea in a few minutes.”


“But Monday—?” Eden confirmed.

“Monday,” Sophia assented.

And they went their separate ways.



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