Eden 13:3

EleanorThere was no reason in the world, Eleanor thought, that Eden shouldn’t have a share in Henry Barrett’s vast estate. It would be a matter of simple justice. After all, Eden was his child. He had taken great advantage of Eden’s mother when Lillian was younger even, than Eden was now. And it would hardly cause him a sting to provide enough to take Eden’s financial concerns away indefinitely.

Eleanor had guessed Eden wouldn’t respond well to her suggestion. The girl had such a quick, hot temper when she felt some slight to her beloved family. She was like her mother that way, Eleanor knew, and admired her for it. But the girl was young and didn’t know half of what she would need to learn to survive in Eleanor’s world. And it was Eleanor’s world she was fated to live in, however loyal she might be to her people in Arizona. Eleanor had to help her, even if Eden resented her for it.

IMG_2922She sat down at the little writing desk at the window of her room, took out her stationery and began a letter.



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