Eden 20:1

Eden’s hand almost shook as she opened the letter postmarked in French.

Mademoiselle Smith,

Nous sommes heureux de vous offrir…

She had a place in the Academy Julian. She was invited to begin attending studios in the fall.

She wanted to run to Eleanor’s house on foot and give her the news. But when she thought of telling Sophia, her heart fell. She folded the letter and laid it in her drawer.

She would say nothing to anyone just yet.


Harvard School of Medicine

The top of the paper was stamped in crimson and gold and the Harvard seal appeared under the script.

Sophia held her breath as she skimmed through the letter, past her name, past the congratulations on her achievements at Radcliffe, past her astounding score on the entrance examination to the words, sorry to inform you and policy against the admission of women.

She sat down heavily on her bed, crushed the letter in her hand and cried.



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