Hello Reader!

LilyseaYour feedback is so appreciated. If you are enjoying Eden, please consider sharing it with a friend, leaving a comment, or making a donation. If you have already done one or more of those things, thank you so much for your support.

And now…back to Eden.


4 responses to “Hello Reader!

  1. Shannon, I didn’t see this in my feed reader when you posted it!

    I am SO enjoying Eden–and looking forward both to continuing to follow the adventures of Eden, Sophie, et al and to getting to know Jack once that book is (e)published in the fall! I’ve been sharing the link to Eden with lots of friends, but I think most of them are not used to reading blog-serialized fiction, so I’m guessing I’ll have better luck getting them hooked on Jack come September.

    I always appreciate reminders from blog-based “content providers” (aka writers) about the importance of donating. I know better, but it is so easy to start imagining that Eden just appears here as if by magic rather than via the hard work of an actual person. I’m on a tight budget, but I have some book money in that budget, and I’ll take a look at the numbers and find at least a few dollars to donate tonight to put my money where my mouth is, gratitude-wise.

    SO, thanks for this reminder to us that you’re back there, offering your creations and hard work to your readers, and also of course giant thanks for Eden and all her friends!

    • Thank you! Thank you! It can get a bit lonely out here. I check the stats and see some consistent readers, but I love hearing more about who they are and why they read. Thanks for pitching to friends, too. I know the format is a bit odd. Perhaps when the series is complete, I’ll put together a self-published book for those interested in downloading it all at once. Do you suppose that would interest anyone?

      • Well, it would interest me, at least! Then I could evangelize to my not-so-bloggish friends. That’s also a good moment for scatterbrains like me who always intend to donate but never actually do to be reminded with a “suggested donation” or even a fee-for-download.

        I actually don’t find the format all that odd because I already follow or have followed several stories serialized this way. I have an RSS reader for webcomics and blogs I follow, so it’s easy for me to keep up with posts, whether regular like yours or more sporadic, and I really enjoy the format (although sometimes over time I forget some details or character names or whatever).

        One of the authors whose stories I have followed for a long time is Alexandra Erin, and I know she’s done a lot of thinking over the years about internet-serialized, pay-what-you-can fiction, while also writing a lot of great stuff (you can find her at http://about.alexandraerin.com/, although many of her stories/works are no longer available anywhere, so you can’t easily get a sense of her incredible range wrt genre).

        It is certainly my hope that this sort of fiction publishing becomes much more widespread as people experiment with alternative publishing strategies. The webcomic model has (I think) proved to be highly workable (at least for some creators), and I don’t know why it couldn’t catch on in the world of fiction. Especially in categories of fiction with niche-ish fan bases that are large enough to support an author but maybe not large enough to support a big publishing house’s overhead. Like, say, LGBTQ historical fiction. It’s great news for me, the reader, if the niche-ish stuff I love can find a way to get to me!

      • Thanks for the heads up about other web fiction. I have a couple of writer friends who tried it and dropped it. I love to read the web comic (and other work) of my illustrator, but I haven’t seen much straight (so to speak) writing done this way.

        I am glad there’s now a way to get this kind of thing to the people who enjoy it. It’s what I wanted to read when I was first coming out and I couldn’t find a thing. But that was in the dawn of time, before the Internet was quite as widespread as it is now. I do think alternative publishing helps proliferate readers’ options.


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