Eden 34:1

ruejacobSophia was moving her clothes from her steamer trunk into a wardrobe in the corner of the vast bedroom room Eleanor had insisted she take in the house in Paris. But Eden was still not sure if it was enough.

“Are you sure you don’t mind living in Eleanor’s house?” Eden asked.  “I could get us our own place if you prefer.”

The question of money came up automatically in Sophia’s mind, but she did not voice it. “It would be wasteful to let all these rooms stand empty, don’t you think? If Eleanor really doesn’t mind.”

“She insists, you heard her. But if you want something else…”

“I don’t. There’s not a thing in the world I want,” Sophia said.

They worked together quietly for a moment.

“Maybe I’ll just call on Liz tomorrow afternoon and see who is in Paris. We could have dinner with George and Sylvie,” Eden suggested.

“That would be lovely.”


Eden watched Sophia work for a long moment, changing her weight from foot to foot and running her hand through her hair. “Thank you,” she finally said.

Sophia looked up. “What for?”

“Thank you for coming.” Eden took Sophia in her arms. “Je t’aime,” she said, kissing her. “Je t’aime, je t’aime…si beaucoup.”



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