Eden 36:2

EdenSophia stood waiting as the train returning Eden to Paris came into the station.

The two of them were kissing each other’s cheeks and smiling into each other’s eyes when a shout interrupted them.

“Mademoiselle Abington!”

Sophia turned.

Dr. Bertrand stood waving at her, a young man beside him. The doctor moved to Sophia and took her hand. “I am here to retrieve Dr. Hall, our new specialist from England.”

He turned to the young man at his elbow. “Dr. Hall, may I present Mademoiselle Abington—soon to be Doctor Abington—certainly our most promising medical student.”

“Mr. Hall,” Sophia said cordially, taking the young man’s hand.

Under the polite exchange, however, Sophia’s heart raced. Eden stood beside her. And to Eden, Dr. Bertrand turned now.

“And this must be the fortunate young man of which you told me. He’s at last come back to Paris then?” Dr. Bertrand thrust his hand forward and Eden took it and smiled.

“Smith,” she said.

“Mr. Smith the artist?” Bertrand said with a smile.

“Yes…” Eden hoped she wasn’t blushing.

“Now he’s here, you must certainly bring him to dine,” Bertrand said to Sophia with a little bow.

Eden glanced quickly at Sophia.

“Perhaps, doctor,” she said. And he turned back to his companion at last and left the station.



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