Eden 42:5

Sophia didn’t come home until near twelve. But when she did, she was shocked to find Eden opening the door before she could fit her latchkey into the lock.

“I thought you would be…” Sophia began.

Eden“I didn’t go,” Eden said. Then, before Sophia had removed her hat or gloves or spoken another word, “It’s not Paris I miss. It’s you.”

Sophia gave her a long look. “Is it?”

Eden met her eye in the dim glow of a single candle on one of the massive hall tables. “Yes.”

Sophia“Well,” Sophia said, removing her things now and glancing back to Eden. “You ought to go on to Provincetown anyway. You’re right, it will be lovely. I will follow you when I can.”

She let Eden take her hand and kiss it, but didn’t step closer. “Goodnight,” she said instead, and walked to the stairs, climbing up into the dark.

Eden left for the cape the next morning.



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