Eden 44:3

“Eden! Eden, they’ve given it to us!” Sophia ran through the hall of the cottage and across the back porch where Eden was painting a group of children playing on the beach.

Eden turned in alarm, but saw the joy on Sophia’s face as she waved a letter in the air and raced into Eden’s arms.

“They’ve what? Who?” Eden asked.

Sophia“Harvard. They’ve given us the Boylston Prize!” Sophia pulled away from Eden, tears streaming down her face.

The letter was from Claire, but she had enclosed the announcement of the prize and Sophia handed it to Eden.

“I told you I would make them regret not taking me,” Sophia said with an enormous smile, wiping her tears with the heels of her hands.

“I’m sure they do, too,” Eden said, kissing Sophia’s cheek. “I won’t give this back. You’ll smear the ink with all your weeping!” She placed the letter in her breast pocket, took Sophia’s hand and walked back into the house.



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