Eden 45:3

breakfast - Version 2“All right Eden.” Sophia did not look up from the orange she was peeling.

“All right?”

“I’ll sit for you.” Sophia glanced up at Eden for a moment but did not raise her head.

Eden leaned back in her chair and finished the tea on the table in front of her. The waves rolled gently in and out, a few yards away. A fluttering group of gulls gathered in the sky over a fisherman’s boat. Sophia shook out last evening’s Boston paper.

Eden dared not speak, for fear any further conversation would lead to a retraction of the words that still seemed to hover in the salty air. Instead she rose and walked down the boardwalk to the end of the pier. She held the rail with both hands and leaned out over the water as far as she could, turning her face up to the blue, feeling the sun on her closed eyelids and the breeze in her hair.



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