Eden 46:4

“Eden will read a story!” Pearl insisted, tugging herself out of Miss Daley’s arms and running back to Eden’s side in the music room. Sophia had given her a lesson on the piano after her supper and now it was the child’s bedtime, and time for the adults to go in to their own dinner.

But Pearl would not go easily and Miss Daley looked apologetically at Eden and blushed. “Come now,” she said in a meek tone.

Pearl paid her no heed.

Eden said, “It’s all right, I’ll read a story.” And she took Pearl’s hand and stepped to the door, only remembering just before she walked through it to turn back to Sophia. “I’m sorry, do you mind waiting?”

“Go on,” Sophia gestured them out of the room.

When Eden finally came back for dinner half an hour later, Sophia kissed her on the cheek before they sat down. “You’re good to her. She really loves you.”

Eden shrugged. “She reminds me of Minna’s Edith,” she said.

“She’s doing so well. She has put on flesh and her cheeks are glowing. I worried that she might have her mother’s illness, but there’s not a whisper in her lungs.”

In spite of her hopeful words, Sophia’s tone was wistful and Eden noticed a line of concern across her brow.

“What’s wrong, then?”

“Apparently there’s been no success in finding any of her relatives. If she has any, her mother must have left them far behind some time ago.”

“That’s a shame,” Eden said quietly.


Eden looked at Sophia, but she was eating again.

“Did you decide to take the studio?” she asked after a few moments.

“It wasn’t quite right.” Eden frowned. The truth was, she preferred the dayroom.



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