About LilySea’s Story Sea

LilyseaShannon LC Cate, sometimes known as LilySea, is a writer, editor, teacher and photographer. Her work has appeared on Babble.com, BlogHer.com, Literary Mama.com, VillageQ.com, in Adoptive Families Magazine, Gay Chicago Magazine and elsewhere.  Her debut novel, Jack, is an Editor’s Top Pick at Musa Publishing. It is available everywhere e-books are sold.

She lives and writes by the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago with her partner and their two daughters.

The Story Sea is where she casts fiction out into the world for the sheer joy of it. Come back every day for a new installment. Pay what you like or nothing at all, but if you appreciate this site, do at least share it with a friend and pay it forward.

If you’d like the unedited (R-rated) version of Eden, it is now available as an e-book.

About the Artist

Astrid Lydia Johannsen is a freelance illustrator. She draws comics, and rides her bicycle a lot. Check out her work at ellejohara.com.


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