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Hello Reader!

LilyseaYour feedback is so appreciated. If you are enjoying Eden, please consider sharing it with a friend, leaving a comment, or making a donation. If you have already done one or more of those things, thank you so much for your support.

And now…back to Eden.


Coming Soon: Eden in an e-Book

You will soon have a choice of reading PG-13 Eden here on the blog, or reading R Eden in an e-book (and possibly a paper book if there seems to be interest). Look for a publication announcement in August! Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the cover:



EdenWelcome to Eden’s story.

How to find your way around: Each chapter is categorized in the right-hand side bar. Chapters are broken into scenes, each of which is a unique post. So “Eden 1:1” is the first chapter: first scene. A new scene will appear every day, and like most blogs, the newest post will be at the top. If you wait a few days between catching up, just scroll down to where you left off and take it up from there.

I have edited the web version of this story to PG13. The original, R-rated version is available for $2.99 US as an e-book for Kindle and Kindle apps.

I hope you enjoy reading about Eden as much as I enjoyed inventing her!